Amy McAdams loves pop art, mid-century modern architecture and crinkle-cut French fries. She holds Andy Warhol, Charley Harper and the Monkees in equally high esteem.

Amy’s appetite for fun informs her design work. But she won’t use the colors of the rainbow in your mortuary logo. Your brand personality — not her creative whims — dictates her approach.

Amy has won an armful of awards. But she’s most proud of being a “rock” for her clients. They count on her for advice, perspective and honesty. Unlike so many creative professionals, she gives them what they want — not what she thinks they should want.

That’s not to say Amy’s an order-taker. She has opinions. When she thinks you’re making a bad call, she’ll tell you — politely.

But at the end of the day, you’re paying Amy. Therefore, to a reasonable degree, she IS an order-taker.

So, would you like fries with that? The crinkle-cut are fabulous.

Amy’s work has been featured in:

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